I began working with a gifted life coach in 1994, I was struggling with my self worth and did not have the skills to self love. I was more comfortable beating myself down then lifting myself up. Logically I understood what I was struggling with, but there were illogical voices that kept driving my choices. My self-judgment was killing my spirit and I had to learn to understand the truth buried underneath the critical inner dialogue. The inner wars I was having inside created outer conflict, when I began to take responsibility and own my struggles, I was able to get through to the other side. There was no shortcut, it was through facing my fears, processing the messages they were relaying, that I began to fully engage in my life. Life can be painful at times, when I learned to embrace and understand my shadow, I opened up to all the facets of Who I am. I stepped into my light because I was able to fully see me and allow myself to fully be seen.

The invisible wars I was having inside were shaping how I saw the world. I didn’t have the language to identify it, so I was creating visible battles to get all the big feelings of anger, sadness, and yes, rage out. The more I tried to shut it down the more it shut me out from any inner peace or balance. I found that I had to give these voices worth and let all the illogical voices have a say. How? Through rinsing, writing and physically releasing the negative crazy self talk, to get to the inner truth. The inner critic once rinsed will take the pressure off so the inner child has a voice. We are all wise and our inner child is our direct link to our creative and intuitive state of being.

We are not born with judgment, intolerance, prejudice, these are learned responses while we are developing a sense of Self as little people. I had to go into the jungle within and understand where I had gotten lost and reclaim my brilliance that was covered up by the vines of fear. We are not given a road map in life and often times we need help to develop skills and tools to move forward on our journey. I am not smarter than anyone else, I have developed wisdom through shifting my beliefs in the jungle of my ego, spirit, logic, and feelings. I’ve learned to listen and not block the truth even when it’s upsetting. I own my invisible wars so I can create visible peace. I invite you to venture into the wilderness within, own and understand your fears, and open up to your authentic beauty and brilliance.



Every thought has a feeling, and every feeling carries a vibration that affects our overall well being. If we logically understand our actions and behaviors without getting to the feelings and the energy they carry, then we may be walking around incongruent and upset because something is off. We are off our center, because we’ve missed something. This can lead to anxiety, depression, isolation, addict behavior, and phobias. The work I do encourages my clients to go to the hard to reach places. We know a lot but often we have to go beyond what we know and listen to parts of us that have been shut down, shamed, ridiculed, hurt. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and in order to keep up we need to look at where our inner world is out of order so we don’t get lost in confusion.

There are many paths we can take at any given point in our lives, we get stuck when we don’t know how to listen and trust our inner knowing. I help my clients identify the inner blocks that are clouding their choices so they can begin a path of inner discovery. In addition to focusing on where they want to go, we focus on the recurring obstacle that keeps them from trusting their choices. Our struggles are directly linked to our inner purpose in life. When you move toward the struggle and get inside of it, and understand it from every angle, it teaches you about yourself and connects you to your intuition (inner teacher). The flip side of your struggle once understood and heard is often the very thing that is your purpose. Then you can go out and live it, be it, share it, with authenticity.

We are wiser and stronger than the negative self-talk that can arise when we want to make change in our lives.  The spinning circle of the inner critic can keep us from living our highest potential. To move forward and out of the spin cycle, I help my clients rinse and understand their illogical self beat voices, so they stop beating down their dreams and start creating from their truth. The negative voices seem very real but they’re not the truth. Through the process of coaching, rinsing, writing, we can distill the truth and leave the rest behind. As a team we identify obstacles put on your path, not to avoid, but to explore and discover the deeper meaning of what needs to be heard and understood in your mind, psyche, and spirit. Through this process you cultivate courage, flexibility, adaptability, and broaden your perspective to see that every obstacle when understood ceases to block your way and becomes a stepping-stone to gracefully provide footing down the path of your life.