Next Processing Playground

Date: Sunday, March 19th, 2017
Time: 1-3:30
Location: Love Yoga– 835 Lincoln Blvd; Venice, CA 90291


About Processing Playground

Coming together in a group setting is a powerful way to learn and grow, and it also helps to break shame and expose how shame and it’s partner guilt influence our thoughts and feelings. Every thought we have whether we like it or not has a feeling attached. That feeling has a vibration and once it’s alive no amount of wishing it away stops or silences the energy. ENTER addict energy which is anything we do to get a good feeling and avoid the upsetting truth and irrational voices. Notice the word FEELING. Many of us were not taught how to process and understand our feelings, we may have been silenced, ignored, or shot down. The tricky part is that the “upset” may have happened long ago, but it’s been silenced down in the subconscious shadow because we didn’t know how to process it as little people developing a sense of Self. If we keep reacting with judgment to our inner voices and not rinsing the energy that is fueling our negative thinking, the addict energy will keep repeating the same scenarios to momentarily feel better, even though intellectually we know what to do. This is not an intellectual problem. We have to rinse, understand and own the thoughts, memories, and feelings that have been sitting in the shadow for too long. If not, the shame allows them to grow in the darkness. The cure? Bring it out in the the open and expose the truth, even if it’s upsetting!!! If we don’t go after this energy, it will come after us whether we like it or not. Much of what we keep hidden stems from the belief that we are not enough and if it were exposed, we may be rejected and not accepted. If we continue to avoid this inner work, we are rejecting our selves and no amount of substance, experience, relationship will fill that void. This sits in the subconscious and although it’s not true, can feel very real. We often live in the logical mind but these voices are old and illogical. They need to be rinsed, processed, understood, and owned. This is deep work but not hard, it actually makes life less hard. This frees us up so we can actually play with this energy and not feel bound to repeating painful behaviors. The processing playground is a space to understand this work more clearly and we will be developing tools and skills to navigate some unchartered territory.