200-Hour 3-Month Yoga Training


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Mia is a YogaWorks certified teacher trainer and mentor for YogaWorks’ 300-hour professional program.


Overview of YogaWorks Teacher Training

YogaWorks believes the path to becoming a professional yoga teacher is a unique, satisfying, and life-affirming journey. Since 1990, they have trained thousands of new teachers, including some of the most celebrated modern-day yogis. Their graduates are changing the world each day through their deep connection to yoga.

YogaWorks’ programs are available worldwide, year-round, and in a variety of formats so you can always find a training to suit your schedule. They offer serious students, aspiring teachers and current teachers the opportunity to deepen their practice, unlock their potential, and transform their understanding of yoga.

They offer a cohesive, multi-specialist approach to teacher training that blends the best of the Yoga tradition from the East and West. Their faculty is comprised of highly-trained, experienced, inspiring professionals with a profound understanding of yoga’s transformative power. YogaWorks’ mission is to provide every yoga teacher with the foundation to teach skillfully with compassion, safety, and integrity.